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Welcome To My World. Ian’s Holiday Edition

It’s my favorite time of the year, Christmas. I love getting gifts and giving gifts. But my ultimate favorite part of Christmas is the break from school. I know that sounds bad, but I need a break from work around this time. I just want to relax and have fun. I also like to send cards to people that maybe alone on the holidays. I know how that can be. It is just my mom and I all the time. I don’t have a buddy to hang with, so I just want others to feel very special on holidays. Right now, my mom decided to take a break early and go to the Mountains. It is very cold here, but it has a cool water park. I love to swim. When I swim I feel free, like a butterfly. Well, my mom said it is time for bed so I will chat with you all later. Hopefully, I will get to see the new Spider-Man and I can tell you all about it soon. -Ian


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