It only takes one person to change a life.

That person could be you!

As COVID continues to cause extra strain and stress on families facing developmental disabilities, our goal for 2021 is to provide as much assistance that we can. To do this,

we need 100 people like you, willing to become a monthly partner, impacting families all year long.


For $25/month, you can send a child to Parents' Night Out for a year or provide a child with a scholarship to cover therapy, medical, and service costs. You can make a difference for families like Canon's and Sarah's.

There are so many more lives that need hope.

We can’t do it without your support. 


For $25 a month, you can send a child like Sarah to Parents’ Night Out for a whole year, or offer a family like Canon’s a financial scholarship to cover therapy, equipment, or medical expenses.

Give the gift of hope.

I would like to say thank you for the scholarship money for my son Canon.  Canon is 4 years old, nonverbal and has been diagnosed with Autism and our week consist of daily therapy appointments so that he can get all he can now, to be a functioning adult in the future.  Because ABA therapy is the best for Autistic children, it is also the hardest therapy to provide for especially since therapist are scarce, and insurance companies will not pay for it.  The average cost of a therapy session per hour is $30.00.  My son is able to get at least 9 hours of therapy per week, that is all that we could afford.  Thanks to this organization Canon was able to receive a week free of ABA therapy!! Thanks again so much for the support given to us, we are forever grateful, and most importantly we give God thanks to each and everyone of you, because God allowed you to be blessed so that we could be blessed!! Thanks again!"

-Canon's Mom, 2018

Giving HOPE one donation at a time...

“Sarah LOVES Parents’ Night Out and so do I! She is very social and loves to go hang out with her buddy and do all the cool stuff they pack into three hours the first Friday of the month. I love it because it allows me a chance to have dinner with my older girls without Sarah demanding my attention. I can focus on them and really enjoy them while Sarah is having a blast with her friends.”

- Sarah's mom, 2019


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