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Agatha Menick 2018

Agatha received physical therapy!

image (335x385)_edited

Allison took gymnastics lessons!

Dawson J. 2019

Dawson attended summer camp at Camp Arrow!

Logan Vieira 2019

Logan received music therapy!

Charlie on horse

Charlie got hippotherapy!

Graciela Ocasio 2019

Graciella got a new keyboard!

Our scholarship application is closed until July 1st. We will not be accepting online or mailed in applications until that time. 

Supplemental Care Scholarship

Anchor of Hope Foundation offers financial assistance to individuals who can provide a proof of diagnosis of a developmental disability to help cover the costs of therapy, education, equipment, and other direct needs of the individual not covered by insurance or Medicaid. The maximum scholarship amount is $250.00 per individual per calendar year.


Completed applications will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Though the application does not require any financial information, the Board reserves the right to request that information, along with any other information that may aid their approval decision.



Rent or other housing expenses

Gas money

Utilities or phone bills


Out of State (GA) Applications

*Please note, we do not provide scholarships outside the state of Georgia at this time. 

Please Note: Due to high application volume, this scholarship is now only available for residents of the state of Georgia. 

Download a PDF version of the scholarship application by clicking the PDF icon.

We are now accepting online and scholarship applications beginning Please keep in mind with the current COVID-19 issue, each application will need to be reviewed taking this ongoing situation into consideration. 

Email Carrie Owen, Executive Director with any questions or concerns.

Send us your photos & success stories from your Anchor of Hope Scholarship at

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Families Served
through Scholarships






On behalf of Aaron Duda and his family and also our entire team at Therabeat Inc., we want to say thank you for the scholarship that you awarded to Aaron. From his music therapist, Ms. Chelsea Kinsler: “Aaron loves learning to play guitar and sing Old McDonald using picture cue cards! He is learning to request items he wants and is working on articulation during singing! We could not be more thankful for your scholarship that has allowed Aaron to continue music therapy.” Here is a picture of Aaron learning how to play guitar! Thank you, Anchor of Hope!!!

Aaron -2018

Duda, Aaron 2018.jpg
Thomas Ninnes 2018.jpg

Thomas has sensory seeking behavior, inability to regulate, auditory processing difficulties, poor postural position, poor fine motor skills, and poor motor planning.  

Thanks to the help from the Anchor of Hope scholarship, Thomas began ABA therapy, interventions for when he is dysregulated, and further assistance with his feeding difficulties. I now have a toolbox full of interventions for meltdowns and moments of dysregulation. I know to limit the number of  choices available to him and how a social story is vital to his day. More importantly, Thomas learned what to do when he feels angry or has big feelings. He has increased moments of self regulation and has a much increased emotional vocabulary. Finally, the use of an integrated listening system has drastically increased his ability to tolerate accessory noise which I believe has been the biggest contributor to his successful start to kindergarten. - Thomas' Mom





Thomas with his amazing therapist Miss Kayla - 2018

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