Sanctity of LIFE

Sanctity of LIFE This is Sanctity of Life month and having a disability makes it very personal to me. I know what it feels like to be marginalized, less than human, wanting to die because of the body I am given. What makes life so sacred? Why should we not take our own or another’s life? Why should we value an older person whose mind and body are deteriorated? What constitutes life in the womb? Why spend thousands of dollars on a disabled person who may never contribute to society? I don’t have the answers to all these questions, but I know that being made in the image of God makes life valuable and have meaning. God delights to turn our value systems upside down. He loves to use the weak to

A New Leaf?

I am ready to start a new leaf. Are you? What I mean is to change my behavior in regards to aggression towards others. How will I do this? I am certain that my body will rebel against me. It always does. What makes this time different? I am relying on God's power, not my own to do it. I have to trust in Him for strength with all my mind, heart, and being. It is difficult not to lose hope because I have failed so many times before. All I know is to keep my eyes on my Savior and trust in His Power and Strength to see me through. I have given everything I want over to God and don't have any expectations from Him to heal me, but use me as I am, broken and redeemed. I love Him with my whole heart

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