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Hello, world! October was a super fun month! I was able to go to Disney. I drove the race car with my mom. She didn’t like the bumpy ride. I need to work on my driving skills. My mom got me a nice hat with Baby Yoda on it and storm trooper shades. The sun was too hot for my eyes. My favorite ride was the Star Wars ride. The fireworks were very beautiful but a little loud. After vacation, it was back to work for me. I saw Mrs. Bridge at Puzzle Pieces and she helped me with my words for the week. We made a pumpkin with my spelling words and the glitter made my pants sparkly all day. One Saturday I got to set a table to do a yard sale of my books at the place I did summer camp at (Waves Autism Center). I always wanted to do a yard sale, but my mom said we live too far out to have one. I was a little sad no one came but someday I can try again. I really, really want to have a yard sale. I think it would be cool.

I have also, started going back to riding lessons. It was so much fun. I have forgotten some of the words to make the horse stop and go. I know it will come back to me soon. Stay tune for more of my adventures. -Ian


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