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His real love this Christmas...

"What do I say about Christmas? I have to start with a promised Messiah. A very special King born to save His people. Where would you expect to find this promised Messiah? Today you might find him in a shelter, held by young, homeless parents on the move. We might be tempted to look down on this poor family and think, What good could possibly come from this situation? Isn’t this how God likes to work? He flips our value systems upside down. He uses the young to show us wisdom. He uses weakness to help us see what real strength looks like. He uses pain to bring us real soul healing. He uses broken people. I can relate to this Nativity couple. What you see is not the whole story. Strange, abnormal behaviors belie intelligence behind my disconnected actions and sounds. I long for people to know the real me. I am thankful God does not put us into categories or innovative puzzles to be figured out. He has a plan, purpose for our existence on earth, no matter how young, weak, painful, or paradoxical we appear. How does this relate to Christmas? In God’s perfect timing, He chose these unorthodox events to change history. He gave up EVERYTHING and stepped into time so those who believe in Him, can live with Him FOREVER. WHY would He do this knowing He’d be rejected, despised, and killed? We don’t understand it because we don’t love like God does. I don’t love at all like He does but I’m so glad He gave up everything for me. How about you?

I hope you find His real love this Christmas. The best gift ever given."

Abounding in grace, Jacob

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