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Love is a verb. Just do it!

I want to discuss relationships because today is Valentine’s Day, and we typically think of relationships between lovers. However, love is expressed anytime a relationship is formed between two people that bond in some way. It could be over mutually enjoyed activities, talents, or circumstances that allow them to connect. The point is that in a relationship, you don’t feel alone on planet, Earth.

Many people falsely believe that because I wear headphones, won’t look them in the eye, move away from them, growl or talk to myself continually, it means I don’t like them or that I want to be alone.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Relationships give my life meaning, and my greatest desire is for friendships of every kind. Unfortunately, my communication method and body are difficult which impedes my relationship building capacity.

What I want people to know is that I feel deeply, am intelligent, and have much to offer in a relationship if they can see past my actions and will work to learn my communication method of letter boarding.

It will not be easy for both of us at the beginning and requires dedication from both parties.

Communication partners must trust each other and be in sync.

As with any healthy relationship, to keep the process going it must be reciprocal in meaning and value.

It takes a certain chemistry to bond together.

Friendship takes time and practice to get comfortable and smooth with each other.

I know there are many individuals who have a disability who are suffering alone because they don’t have one single friend.

Maybe the way they scowl, or their behavior pushes people away to never return.

It could be a sensory problem, or maybe a motor-planning one.

Either way, it results in isolation from others which is the greatest disability of all.

So, what do I suggest you do?

Reach out to someone different from you, and learn how to really love on Valentine’s Day.

You may be surprised how much love you can share by just getting out of your comfort zone and learning their communication zone.

Love is a verb. Just do it!

Lover at heart,


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