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All I want for Christmas is...

What do you really want? What present really rocks your world?

  • A brand new iPhone?

  • A real baby?

  • A shiny new car?

  • A bunch of toys?

  • A home of your own?

Everyone has expectations about Christmas but what will really satisfy? A person with a disability may only want a true friend to listen to their heart. Someone to be near in their pain of not measuring up. We are all wired socially and desire relationship whatever that may look like on the outside. Reaching out to someone this Christmas season may change a life and bring hope.

The best gifts can’t be bought but are given in Time and Sacrifice, which is what Christmas is all about.

Why? Why do we give gifts at all? God gave His Son to pay a debt we could not pay, sacrificing His life for us. This is the GREATEST GIFT of Love and Sacrifice and is why we celebrate Christmas. We can pretend to give sacrificially, but do we really? Do we care about the mentally challenged, the abandoned homeless person who smells terrible? Do we adopt the behaviorally challenging kids who are left without a family to love them through broken windows and hearts? Do we care about the addict sleeping in the gutter? How about our lonely neighbor who sits alone all day watching TV and sleeping?

What gift are you willing to give this Christmas? A little time and love can make a LIFE CHANGING gift. You may be surprised to find the giver gets the MOST CHANGE and the MOST JOY!

Think about what really matters and what YOU really want this Christmas!

Sharing Hope and JOY,


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