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This is the time of year people enjoy being scared but I can tell you, it is no laughing matter to feel fear control your heart and mind. Fear isolates in a prison of horrible torment and panic, overcoming your ability to do what you want to do with your life.

I want to talk about my struggle with anxiety. It controls me in so many ways. My thoughts are not my own and bombard me with powerful emotions and hatred of my body because I have so little control over what I can do. I have seen DEEJ, the movie, and realize that many people with autism struggle just like I do. Struggling with anxiety appears to be common in autism. I have realized that I must work very hard to persist handling my emotions and thoughts. I know it sounds easy to do, but it is like battling a gigantic monster that has me by the throat, threatening to kill me. It is imperative that I not let anxiety win over me. If I do, I lose all ability to conquer my fears and succeed in life. Even this fear can overwhelm me at times.

Having people help me when I am overwhelmed is huge. I know that I have support and opportunities that many others do not have available to them. I need to be more grateful to my parents because most would have given up on me by now. I desire to help other non-speaking people with autism find their voice as well. This would give me great satisfaction and purpose for controlling my own fears. Anchor of Hope was started because of my struggles and the desire of my parents to help other families on this journey.

I want to invite you to Anchor of Hope’s 10th Anniversary Celebration of Hope on November 9th at 7:00 pm to hear me share my journey with autism and Anchor of Hope. I hope to see you there.

Learn more about the Celebration of Hope here.

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