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Monthly Registration

Let us know you'd like to attend so that we can have enough volunteers to meet your child's needs.

Note: Annual Registration is required before attending.

Closed until Fall 2023

Register Your Child

for Parents' Night Out

Annual Registration

Required for first-time participants & at the beginning of each school year (September)

1. Complete the Annual Registration Form.

This is required for each child in your family who has a developmental disability. Either complete the form online or download it and email or mail it back.

2. Create a KidCheck account.

This is our check-in software, which makes dropping your kids off as easy as typing in your phone number or scanning a key card.

3. Sign up for text notifications.

Get notifications sent straight to your phone when monthly registration is open!

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If you have any questions about registering your child or attending monthly events, please contact Lindsey at or 478-994-0438.

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