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Forsythia Festival

March  2024

Forsyth's event of the year! Unfortunately, we will not be selling our fried pickles and chicken this year. But, please stop by the H&J Sauces booth to learn about what we have going on in 2024, try some delicious BBQ sauce, and learn about our raffle.

How is H&J sauces linked to Anchor of Hope?

In 2014, New Garden Gifts Special Barbecue Sauce was given to Anchor of Hope Foundation, a local nonprofit that serves the 1 in 6 with developmental disabilities. Sam Goolsby was the founder of New Garden Gifts Special Barbecue Sauce. Upon his death the company passed to his wife, Ms. Shirley Goolsby, who, along with her brother, decided to donate the business as a source of funding for Anchor of Hope. Now its own entity, H&J Sauces is proud to carry on the traditions of taste, community, and giving attached to this sauce.

This is why we call H&J Sauces the "Sauce that Serves".

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